Glamping & Service Learning

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ONE DREAM...ONE TEAM  
Glamping, a new word for a new way of traveling, is defined as “glamorous camping”. While glamping in Costa Rica, we help our participants to fully explore the natural wonders of this magnificent and peaceful country. We want to encourage our participants to go outside their comfort zones but without sacrificing the creature comforts to which they may be accustomed.
Our ultimate goal with this special program is to provide the opportunity to explore, to connect with nature and one´s inner self in a way that provides a peace of mind hard to attain in an urban setting.
This program has both a personal and a social dimension.
In addition to a wonderful opportunity to commune with natural wonders, one can also contribute to bettering the world a bit by working with local communities in their efforts to improve their quality of life.
Glamping in Costa Rica with CRINI provides the opportunity to experience a personal journey while learning about life in a different country.
Glamping sites:
* The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.
* The Central Pacific Coast.
* The Arenal Volcano.
* Rincón de la Vieja National Park.
* Santa Teresa Beach.
* Montezuma Beach.
- Hiking tours to the Arenal Volcano.
- Hot Spring waters. (A real treat for the body & soul)
- Hikes to the rain forest-cloud forest and dry forest.
- White water rafting.
- Bird watching.
- Horseback riding.
- Hanging bridges.
- Yoga classes.
- Temascal.
- Natural medicine and alternative healing.