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Ligia Delgadillo is graduated in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies from the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Ligia worked at the University of Costa Rica for more than twenty years, and while there created and coordinated an innovative Volunteer Program for UCR students. This Program allowed her to place university students to carry out important work in national parks, poor communities, schools, and in many other sites where she had steadfastly worked to develop community projects. As the
Program grew and became more prominent, more projects were developed and more students were placed. Through networking and the demonstration of excellent work on behalf of the students, the projects became ever more successful. It is a testament to Ligia’s excellent administrative skills that the program has had such success.
Ligia is an excellent organizer, administrator, as well as a caring mentor, and, as such, she has been able to diversify the projects to include social and political issues as well as women’s projects and those emphasizing biodiversity and the environment.
Over her very successful career, Ligia has worked internationally with both NGO’s and governmental organizations. She has successfully developed innovative projects 
José Martínez Cruz has been working in the area of international education for the past 25 years. He is a native Costa Rican and loves his work.  Jose has a master´s degree in education and is a strong promoter of education as a vehicle to overcome poverty. He believes in equal opportunity for all, and considers himself a feminist, bringing a gender perspective emphasizing equality for all groups, and communities, incuding racial, gender, LGBT and in fact, all groups victimized by dominant larger societies.
Jose has developed several projects aimed at empowering the less fortunate members in communities where he has worked. Some of his  projects included: “The Permanent Forum for the Empowerment of Young Women”. A program that helps and support young women who live in extreme poverty, and “Shoes Forever”, a program that every year provides 600 poor children with school shoes. Jose also has also worked to  develop a program in Costa Rica called “PlantingTrees Forever”. At the moment there are two main reforested areas, one on the Atlantic Coast and the other on the Central Pacific. During his life journey, his dream would be to plant one million trees in the tropical forests of Costa Rica.
Sandra Kinghorn received all of her academic degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan. Her doctorate was awarded in 1984. During her years as a graduate student and later as a lecturer at U-M, Sandra focused her research and course teaching on the crimes of multinational corporations. More specifically on corporate abuses in developing countries. In 1986, Dr. Kinghorn was awarded a Fulbright Research Scholarship and relocated to Costa Rica for two years to carry out her work. She was also able to spend time working on projects in Nicaragua. After the Fulbright grant was completed, Sandra remained in Costa Rica to establish The Institute for Central American Development Studies (ICADS). ICADS was founded by a group of US and Latin American Scholars. Its goals were to allow students an opportunity to do meaningful grassroots work in local communities in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize. As the Director of all ICADS programs, Sandra ran an organization with 23 dedicated staff members who, along with students, were able to make significant contributions to the betterment of the communities in which its students and staff worked. ICADS was able to help build homes, provide schools with desks and materials, provide medical supplies and volunteers in rural health clinics and develop projects in the areas of women’s rights, ecology, organic agriculture and conservation of wildlife. After 25 years of work at ICADS, Sandi relocated to Spain where she continues to work on a variety of issues that promote social equality.
Helga Jimenez Rittner received her Doctorate from The Free University of Berlin in 1968.
From 1968 to 1969 Helga was an assistant professor at the Free University of Berlin. She was promoted to full professor in 1969 and worked in several different teaching and research Institutes within the University itself, specializing in the area of Latin American Studies. In 1984 Helga was sent by her University and the German Government to Central America with a mandate to develop Women’s Studies Programs in each major public university in Central America. She was able to establish two regional University Master’s programs; one in the National University and the at the University of Costa Rica. These programs successfully created a networking system among women academics that promoted both the academic study of women’s issues and the empowerment of women through its links to grassroots organizations. In 1993 Helga had finished her work with the University and the German government and decided to permanently relocate to Costa Rica where she was born. She took a position at the Institute for Central American Development Studies as the Coordinator of its Internship program where she also served as an academic advisor. In 2008, Helga relocated to Europe where she had worked for so many years. She is retired but continues to study and work on issues of importance to the women’s community.